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My name is Michael Woodward. I began licensing photography in 1974, and formed the first Art Licensing Company in England in 1979.  I would like to teach you what I have learned over the past 40 years. I still operate my own agency Out of the Blue Licensing for a very select group of artists; though my passion is for teaching.

The digital revolution is inescapable and it has had a huge impact on our industry. I had a conversation recently with a very successful company in California who supply wall Décor to major retail chains. In the last few years there has been a huge shift in how products are bought, in that buyers now have shopping lists of what they actually want in terms of subject matter, color and even style of art. If you intend to license your work in this market you need to have the right information. The fine art market has been badly affected as more galleries close their doors due to high overheads and competition from internet sales. The competition is fierce. But the good news is “artwork still sells!”

Romero Britto was earning up to around $12 million a year at his peak ; Paul Brent’s retails sales have been as much as $50 million in a year.  Anne Geddes, Rachel Hale, Susan Winget all have licensing programs which pull in substantial incomes each year. They do it through licensing!

My Book LICENSING ART & PHOTOGRAPHY  101 is a great place to start, the first step toward achieving your goals in the industry; it gives you an excellent grounding in all aspects of licensing art and photography.  This new E-book goes into far more detail than my last book and contains all the original “Licensing Course” material (which cost $325) plus many more articles about producing the right kind of work, how to research and how to understand what clients are looking for. I give you websites to visit, research projects, I teach you how to look at trends and what stores to visit to actually look at product. It’s a comprehensive step-by-step approach to building a better portfolio, one that ultimately has a greater chance of taking flight in the market place. I have added a comprehensive look at the digital aspect of licensing in terms of getting the right types of digital files, as well as an in-depth look at self-publishing.

LICENSING ART & PHOTOGRAPHY 101 is specifically for those of you who are serious about licensing your work via an agent or on your own.

©2018 Michael Woodward



Licensing Art & Photography 101 is the most comprehensive guide to licensing in the industry. Full of insiders, tips, Contacts, resources and How too's. This is the long awaited second edition of the E-Book from Michael r Woodward fully updated for 2018.

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