I read the entire book and just finished today. It was one of the best reads of my life! I have never read a more thoroughly enjoyable non-fiction book in my life, except for Suze Orman’s 9 Steps to Financial Freedom. Your book was amazingly well-written and so informative. I must say that I learned a tremendous amount from you – and thank you for that.

— Janice Alexander

I’m an information junky and bought every art marketing book under the sun. Nothing brought me very far. It was the course by Michael Woodward, that made the difference. It opened my eyes for a new world, which I was not aware of before. Now I’m so excited, I can hardly sleep 🙂 I cannot thank Michael enough, for giving us this information. I think it is not available anywhere else in this comprehensive form. The information from his 40 years experience is invaluable. Practical action steps help you to get going and you even get insider contacts from within the industry. If you are an artist, a photographer or a designer – get this course! Your world will not be the same again.

— Mathias Vietmeier, Munich Germany

Just wanted you to know that I’ve bought and read your book and thought it was fabulous! You have so much specific information in there that it goes beyond helpful. You told me things I didn’t even know I didn’t know! Thanks so much for making the effort, and I hope it is tremendously successful for you.

— Judy

Bravo. Licensing Art 101 by Michael Woodward is without a doubt the most comprehensive and entertaining “how to” book I have had the opportunity to read. Well thought out, well written, well organised and full of useful information that is easy to comprehend and apply in the art licensing market. Not only does the book contain information about the business, but it takes the “How To” genre to new heights with actual “contacts” within the business. I have recommended the book to every artist (or would be artist) I know. Congratulations and thank you.

— D May

Michael Woodward’s book is an eye opener for the working artist who has a desire to license their art. Michael’s vast experience in the world of art licensing shines through on every page. If you apply only half of what he has to offer, the door to the art licensing world will open wide your artistic endeavors.

— M H

Licensing Art 101 is real eye opener for today’s artist. No matter how far along in your career you are, this book has everything to start or to improve an already existing business system. It is the best, most complete, easy-to- understand art business manual available for the visual artist today.

— C I

I have licensed work for 12 years and I was very impressed with the breadth and depth of this book. It is informative and well presented. If you are serious about becoming a professional licensee, Licensing Art 101 is definitely a good investment.

— H B

Licensing Art 101 by Michael Woodward has been the most helpful book since I began my art journey. The book allows beginners to understand the do’s and don’ts, the legalities, the fee structures, the importance of copyright, and more. I found it especially helpful that he included so many wonderful contacts and resources in the book. They have led to many answered questions and much helpful advice. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is beginning the process of licensing art.

— C S

For artists seriously thinking of licensing their artwork, Licensing Art 101 is the book to get. It is a comprehensive, easy to read, no nonsense guide that is packed with practical tips and advice. This book really helped boost my confidence level when dealing with potential licensees. After 40 years in the business, Michael Woodward knows his stuff. He literally takes you by the hand and shows you how the whole process works! Michael, thank you for sharing your invaluable knowledge with me and the countless artists out there struggling to “make it.”

— C Z

What a blessing you are for those of us who aren’t living in New York City, where information seems to be more available (I lived there for 16 years, thank goodness.) Just for the record, I want you to know that since I ordered your book (at Barnes and Noble), I see that they now carry them regularly! I’ve been a children’s book illustrator for 25 years, making enough money doing educational work to support myself while I do trade books. Anyway, I’ve been trying to educate myself about other markets, and have been learning about the surface design arena, which is very tied into licensing. I just want to thank you for your efforts to reach out to artists about an important aspect of the publishing world. You are helping people like me gain access to important knowledge and tools to be better business people, and more effective bread-winners! Thank you for your tremendous service to all of us.

— R C

Thank you so much for writing a book that allowed me to bridge the transition from fine artist to licensed artist with ease. With the information in your book I was able to negotiate three contracts the first month with confidence. The book not only informed me what to expect and what was expected of me, but it also warned me on what to look out for and even included basic sample contracts and other legal forms. In a nutshell Licensing 101 is a kit with all the information necessary for even an artist with no prior knowledge of licensing to understand and enter today’s licensing market.

— S. M. Violano




Licensing Art & Photography 101 is the most comprehensive guide to licensing in the industry. Full of insiders, tips, Contacts, resources and How too's. This is the long awaited second edition of the E-Book from Michael r Woodward fully updated for 2018.

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