For those artists and photographers interested in being represented by our company this is an outline of how our business operates.

We are essentially a small specialist artist management company exclusively representing the artist’s and photographer’s interests in terms of licensing intellectual property rights i.e. reproduction rights. We promote your work to specific clients we have strong relationships with as well as searching out new companies who we feel are a good match for the style of work you produce. We work with several major wall décor and fine art publishers on a regular basis and in some cases we are the preferred supplier.

We take great care only to work with publishers and manufacturers who have good reputations and who produce excellent products. We negotiate fees, royalties, samples and do all the legal work allowing the artist simply to produce. Once we have interest we inform the artist so they know who we are dealing with to keep you in the loop. Basically we issue licenses for a specific product for a specified time period, usually two to three years, in a specified territory such as N. America, or Europe or in some cases world-wide. Most deals are based on a royalty on all net sales of the product to retailers. Advances are sometimes paid for individual designs for greetings cards and stationery products.

One of the newest areas of publishing that we are also involved in is “POD” Print on Demand direct to Retail. This is fast becoming a new business model for major publishers. Artists and photographers can of course promote work on their own but getting distribution is always the problem. We have aligned ourselves with some of the key players in the industry which allows your work to be seen on some of the biggest search engines in the industry so IF your work gets chosen for this area in the publishing arena you will get massive exposure on up to 14 world-wide sites. The rest is up to the public and whether they like the work enough to purchase it.

POD is now used by all publishers involved in the Hospitality market which is for interior design projects, hotels, offices, hospitals and government projects.

One key factor which is essential if entering the fine art publishing arena is that your digital files must be of excellent quality and be able to be reproduced at 36-40 inches at 300 dpi. Each file should be checked to see if it pixelates at this size as anything not up to standard will be rejected. All files should be 300dpi RGB TIFF files.

We work on a 50/50 basis on all fees, advances and royalties generated and we cover all expenses for promotion of the work.7



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