Licensing Art & Photography 101

The most comprehensive guide to licensing in the industry

Licensing Art

Photography 101

The most comprehensive guide to licensing in the industry

The insider’s guide for artists and photographers

“The MUST HAVE guide for anyone entering the Licensing Industry” according to several recent buyers and critiques. The author, Michael R Woodward, is an industry Veteran of over 40 years, who moved from running a successful stock agency and a major photographic advertising studio to setting up the very first Art Licensing Agency in Europe in 1979.

This New E-book edition is a fully updated version of his previous book “Licensing Art 101”, which became a great success over the years in North America, Canada, The UK and Australia. However, this newly upgraded version includes so much more, including several detailed “How To” articles on producing work for products, as well as Tips and tricks from successful professionals. 

His experience and knowledge of the industry is legendary and unique, allowing the reader to have exclusive access to this ‘once in a lifetime compilation, which he describes as his “gift to artists, photographers and creatives who are serious about earning from licensing their work”.

Michael R Woodward, takes you step by step through the process of licensing; from copyright control, record keeping, product categories, approaching clients, creating presentations that work, as well as valuable information about what to charge in terms of advances and royalty rates. The appendix in itself is priceless as it includes many useful contacts: trade shows, manufacturers, publishers, trade publications, associations, trend information, a list of licensing agents and much more.

The E-book allows Artists, photographers and creatives to use their precious time wisely, helping them to avoid wasting days of research through endless blogs, videos or articles. Readers are also guaranteed legitimate and accurate information based on his current involvement as one of the leading pioneers within the field

Michael R Woodward continues to run (Out of the Blue Licensing) from his offices in Florida, Panama and Portugal, while acting as a consultant to artists and photographers who are ready to do what it takes to earn from producing and licensing their work.