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Licensing is an industry which many artists know very little about. For many it can be a daunting prospect as you pick your way through the maze of technical, contractual and legal issues such as issuing licenses correctly; charging the right fees and royalty rates as well as finding new clients who may be interested in licensing your work for THEIR products.

Retail and related revenue generated globally by the trademark licensing business in 2017 rose 3.3% to US$ 271.6B, according to results from the Annual Global Licensing Industry Survey released by LIMA. Royalty revenue from sales of licensed merchandise and services rose 2.6% to $14.5 billion.

“Art Licensing” alone generates around $9.23 billion (2017) annually in royalties. The “Art & Design” sector offers exciting opportunities for artists and photographers of all levels.

Some past examples of retail Licensed Art brand revenues:


    • American Greetings Properties $2.5 million global revenue


    • Thomas Kinkade $400m Retail sales


    • Kathy Davis Studio $15m in royalty revenue


    • Jim Shore $100m+ $1.2 billion in 10 years


    • Paul Brent $67m (2008)


    • Susan Winget $122m (2008)


    • Flavia $65m estimated


    • Mary Engelbreit $75m (2005)


    • The Hauptman Brothers $60m estimated


    • Rachel Hale $45m (2012)


    • Wild Wings $63m


    • Suzy’s Zoo $42m




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