Contract Review Service – Terms and Restrictions

Contract Review Service is offered under the terms and conditions as below.

  1. Contracts should be supplied as a WORD document.
  2. On receipt of contract it will be reviewed within 5 working days and amendments made in red. Unsuitable clauses will be crossed through to enable the Licensee and the Artist to see clearly.
  3. Amended contract will be emailed to Artist with suggestions and advice for any negotiations particularly in respect to royalty rates, advances and clauses which are deemed unacceptable.
  4. Artist may call to clarify any aspects of the contract amendments.
  5. On submission of the contract to the Licensee Artist may call once more for advice should there be an issue with the agreement.

The amendments will be done in good faith with the interests of both parties in mind to establish a fair and equitable agreement between the Licensee and the Artist based on the best practices in the industry.

Artist accepts full responsibility for the contract and negotiations with the Licensee and Art Licensing International cannot be held responsible should the Licensee fail to accept the amendments in the contract.



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