Contract Review Service

$120 Flat Fee

Many artists and photographers first entering the licensing industry are faced with the difficulty of negotiating contracts and fees.

o Is a flat fee a fair fee?
o Why won’t they pay royalties?
o Is this royalty rate OK?
o How much advance should it be?
o Should I give the client world rights?
o Is the contract OK?
o Is it safe to sign?
o How do I know if they are honest?

Sound familiar? While I’ve covered many of these aspects in Licensing Art & Photography 101, it’s quite a different thing when you are faced with a client’s contract which you don’t quite understand and when they offer you a fee which you can’t assess as you have little experience of what is fair and industry practice. IP Attorneys charge around $200-350 per hour so for a small contract for a few greetings cards or similar contract for stationery or a kitchen textile, it’s simply not cost effective. I’ve been asked many time to read over contracts but it takes so much time and I have to decline. I have however decided to create a simple contract review service at an affordable rate.

It will cost $120 to review a contract, make necessary changes or suggest changes and give my professional opinion on the fees and terms offered.

You can pre-pay by credit card and then send a copy of the contract via email. This way I can make the necessary changes in red. I will also need any information as to fees, products which the client wants to license and the territories they want to sell in. I will then either email or call you personally to discuss the terms of the proposed agreement.

If for any reason I feel the potential royalties you will earn will not justify the contract service fee we will inform you at the outset and give you some quick simple advice free of charge. You will be refunded your fee less a $25 admin fee.

To order a contract review please read the Terms and Restrictions then call my office at 941 966 4042, email me, or click below to place your order now.


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