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Licensing Art & Photography 101 – E-Book

The insider’s guide for artists and photographers


Licensing Art & Photography

101 – E-Book

The insider’s guide for artists and photographers


By Michael R Woodward

Table of Contents

Chapter 1             An Introduction to Copyright

Chapter 2             Getting Organized

Chapter 3             The Licensing Industry

Chapter 4             The Licensing Marketplace

Chapter 5             The Greetings Card Market

Chapter 6             Stationery, Gift, Home Accessories and additional Products

Chapter 7             Fine Art Publishing: Including Mass Market, Direct Retail and Hospitality

Chapter 8             Marketing Yourself

Chapter 9             The Art of Licensing Art

Chapter 10          Trends, Styles and What Kinds of Work to Produce.

Chapter 11          Trade Shows

Chapter 12          Art Licensing in Overseas Markets

Chapter 13          Practical Guidelines for Licensing a Brand:

Chapter 14          Trademarks

Chapter 15          Licensing Agents

Chapter 16          Self-Publishing

Chapter 17          Book Keeping – Tax, Insurance, Record Keeping

Chapter 18          Final thoughts about the licensing industry


Art Shows

Copyright Basics


Fine Art Publishers in North America

GCA UK 2014

GCA Artists Guidelines

Licensing Agents

Useful Licensing Industry Associations and Organizations

(Sample) Artist Licensing Agreement

Stationery Publishers

Greetings Card Publishers

Calendar Publishers

Trade Show Artist Guidelines:

Trade Magazines of Interest

Trade Show