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Michael R Woodward Licensing Art & Photography 101. Michael is wearing a smart white hat and a blue shirt with Sun glasses.

Michael began licensing photography back in 1974 forming the first major UK Photo Library outside of London. In 1979 he formed the first Art Licensing Agency in Europe representing artists, illustrators and photographers, establishing and servicing major accounts with international publishers such as Athena International (Posters ,Prints, Greetings cards); Hallmark (greetings cards); American Greetings; Nestle; Scandecor (posters); Verkerke (posters and cards) as well working with Bradford Exchange, Franklin Mint, Ravensburger, MBI as well as many other European and US publishers and manufacturers.

He also established representation around the world in Japan, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, France, and Australia.

He represented the work of several fine artists and sold over $1 Million dollars worth of originals besides establishing two major limited edition programs. He also put together two Poster Collections for a UK publisher with Lord Patrick Lichfield and The Duchess of Devonshire’s Chatsworth House Collection. He organized and ran several major art exhibitions for Mackenzie Thorpe in London and one vast show at Allerton Castle, the largest gothic castle in the UK which was featured on BBC TV. One such show attracted the attention of Elton John who requested the artist design the Elton John Aids Foundation Christmas card. His company was also involved in establishing two very successful character merchandising licensing programs in the nineties. One such character achieved over $50 million in retail sales.

Michael’s company has licensed over $700,000,000 in retail products from art licensing from 1979-present. He has given a number of talks and seminars on Licensing and has a consultancy business. He now operates as Out of the Blue Licensing with offices in Florida, Panama and Portugal.



Licensing Art & Photography 101 is the most comprehensive guide to licensing in the industry. Full of insiders, tips, Contacts, resources and How too's. This is the long awaited second edition of the E-Book from Michael r Woodward fully updated for 2018.

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